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The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co.

With the legalization of cannabis across Canada, the City of Toronto ordered the first five legal dispensaries to open on April 1st, 2019. The Hunny Pot opened its Flagship store with Amberstone Contractors being one of the first to lead a commercial project in the industry.


The Canadian government provided a strict deadline to the dispensaries with a limited time to begin their build for opening day. At the request of a client with an urgent government deadline, we planned for a 7-week project to be complete within 3 where we coordinated multiple trades and ran 24-hour shifts.  Our client requested the build of a high-end retail store targeting mature adults interested in the purchasing of cannabis for recreational use. They were determined to attract the older and more sophisticated market which was expected to be reflected in the build.


We believe that this was achieved through the colour scheme and decor of the store as well as the smaller details found in the images. It was also important to the client that we incorporate a feel of nature throughout the environment of the store to break the stigmas attached to the industry to truly bring out their ethos.


We did this by creating intricate, unique designs through the store with extensive creativity. One of the many tailored designs in the store was the featured garden wall on the main shop floor where customers are now interested in photographing next to it. 

This project brings us great pride as we had the opportunity to breathe life into Canada's new industry. Our team worked extremely hard to fulfill the government requirements and client needs of this project within a strict time frame. We were able to make history with a new industry in the country within a deadline assumed impossible.

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