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Architectural plans

Our Process

Architectural Designs and Inspections

Amberstone works with architects and designers to begin the process of construction and commits to working within all government body regulations.


Professional Cleaning and Maintenance

Amberstone promises to provide a professional cleaning service following construction as well as general maintenance.

Amberstone Contractors

A future influence of a true and mastered craft.

With over 29 years experience of professional artisan in general contracting, Amberstone has brought life to corporate and commercial developments through a variety of unique global influences within their projects throughout Ontario.

We believe in delivering exceptional and quality craftsmanship in all of our bespoke projects. Our ethos is built on trust where we commit to the entirety of our projects from the very beginning, the end, and even after. Our tailored style of Project Management has allowed for us to build various developments catering to several commercial and corporate industries that leave an everlasting impression of how we define our expertise.

With a carefully selected team of leading experts in their individual fields and licenses. We carefully revise the precision of your establishment to deliver works of merit. Our team uses high-grade quality CSA material to ensure each project is delivered to perfection.

The reputation of Amberstone has been built on quality and trust. We are careful to work within the budget as well as the city guidelines of which we are working. Each of our projects is developed from city stamp drawing and is attentively inspected by government standards prior to work and upon completion. We remain well educated with the code of conduct for each city we build in.

We promise to deliver quality on time, every time.

On-Site Consultations

Following an on-site consultation, Amberstone will provide an estimate for your project to proceed with the design of construction.

A constructor, a woman and a man looking at architectural plans

Completion of Construction

Amberstone commits to working within the stated deadlines to bring your project to life.

A wood and white kitchen

Tell us about your project

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